Hi. I’m Jan Sinstadt.

From Britain, originally.
My metier: English text that resonates with your readers.

To-the-point text, delivered to deadline.

A text in need of copy editing. An article or presentation that calls for sensitive trimming or condensing to fit layout or running time constraints. A translation from German that likewise reads clearly and with all the nuance of natural English. Audio transcription done succinctly, rather than verbatim. For these and more – fact checking, highlighting errors or inconsistencies, critique when requested, … – you have at your disposal a dedicated and skilled wordsmith.

Bottom line? I haven’t done my job unless you say, “I love it!”

Oh, and your readers, too!

IT, telecommunications, high-tech machinery and capital goods, automation, scientific instruments… as a former electronics, electromechanical and software engineer turned linguist, I delve regularly into hard-core technicalities. That level of understanding is also an asset to web content creation, marketing communication and corporate publishing projects.

Alongside science, technology and commerce I relate strongly to liberal arts and the humanities, also to psychology and the inner life. In any case, nothing motivates more than the prospect of learning something extra and communicating it in words.

Finally – don’t be misled by the non-English sounding name. Just distant ancestors. Thirty-something years after emigrating from the UK and assimilating Germanic culture I remain considerably connected to the Anglosphere!

ASTTI logoCertified Member

I’m here to help.

Copy editing, proofreading  Text polishing and reworking. Consistent vocabulary and terminology. One voice for content from multiple sources/contributors. I work with your readers in mind, compare and fact-check, follow reasoning, and offer tactful critiques or suggestions when requested.


Translation/transcreation from German into English  I interpret on and between the lines, rigorously, with deep understanding and sensitivity to nuance. Everything possible is done to make the translation read like an original – one that flows with a rhythm and cadence crafted to keep your audience reading, listening or viewing attentively to the end.


Audio/video transcription  Arcane discussion topics, specialized terminology and jargon, multiple non-native English accents… not only do I wrap my ears around them, I also wrap my brain around the subject matter. Which is why, beyond a verbatim transcript, you can also request added value from a decluttered version: condensed to key statements and basically ready for publication.


The goal in every case:

Readable/speakable words, tuned to resonate with specialist or general audiences and communicate your meaning, delivered on time, at fair rates.

Awesome work makes happy clients.

Much of my output has a restricted circulation. There is more that I am happy to show when asked. And quite a lot lands on the internet for everyone to read. Some examples:



People for process automation. Creative copy editing of German to English translations for the Group’s employee and customer magazines.

Duo Arnicans

Duo Arnicans

Classical music for cello and piano. Transcreation and editing of booklet text for the duo’s current CD release.

Wolfensberger AG


A printing firm. Translations of two websites with respective focus on commercial and craft printing/finishing.

Serves AG


A fiduciary firm. English website translation.

571 Recording Studios

571 Recording Studios

English website translation.

gentle earth

gentle earth

Scarves with latitude. And longitude: neckwear with a novel, geographic twist to its design. English website translation and adaptations of design descriptions.

La Maison Suisse

La maison suisse

A holiday home in rural France. English and German text, webdesign, visuals, technical implementation.

Knowledge begets yet more knowledge.

Continuous learning comes with the work – some of the subject matter covered so far:

  • High power computing in science research
  • Ethics of live animal research
  • Management conferences – pharma
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Automotive supply industry
  • Cashless ticketing systems
  • Tablet app for public transport operators
  • Company annual reports, media releases
  • M&A negotiations, public communication
  • Decarbonization of industry
  • Community relations
  • Swiss banking – quo vadis? (CEO interview)
  • Industrial sustainability – best practices
  • Political philosophy – book preface
  • Machine lubrication systems
  • IT security – user training
  • Automatic door sensors
  • Medical packaging technology
  • Advanced microelectronics & substrates
  • Electricity generation & supply
  • Business management in the cloud
  • Travel photography book – texts
  • Urban regeneration – video voice-over
  • Rotary encoders – application notes

Contact me.

Jan Sinstadt · Turnweg 26 · 3013 Bern · Switzerland
Tel. +41 (0)44 885 14 90

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